Bowen High School

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Staff Shout-Outs

We want to give a shout out to the following amazing staff members.

  • Katie Smith for accompanying Christian Segura and Yazmin Roman to the Seal of Biliteracy celebration! Congratulations, Yaz and Christian!
  • Trish Holloway for your service learning efforts! Thank you for your ministry!
  • Chris Sechrist, Shantay Hall, and Gabe Lopez for helping with APEX submissions!
  • Brianna Nkemeh, Hector Gonzalez, LaShawn Jarrett, Matteal Bolton, Beverly Gill, Katie Smith, Ron Wilson, Jason Grey, Clare McCauley, Jovan Garland, Maggalee Oseguera, Karen Stewart, and many others for all of your help getting AP testing completed! It wasn't seamless, but we did it! Thank you! 
  • Please welcome Chris Sechrist back after he visited an ailing family member on the west coast!
  • Anna Johnson and other parents for attending field trips!
  • Robby Singer, Carolyn Burnes, Joe Sunshine, and Jim Linn for being observed during the recent GRR learning walk!